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26.-29.jaanuar Gibbon Street Games

KING A Andy Lewis
Gang leader I Gappai
Gang leader II Jaan Roose
Gang members Max, Jonas D., Nico, Chrissy, Michel, Tobi, Clemens, Alex, Jonas E., Elli, Tauri, Vroni
Presenter Frankie Najera

Requirements for members:
For this show you are not only slackliners! As you are part of the GIBBON STREET GAMES you are also
actors! As soon as you wear your costumes and the show begins, please move, act, and speak like the roles
you are playing!

Esinemised ja näidistreeningud Eestis

28.07.2013 Esinemine DPD suvepäevadel Karepal. Käisime seal järgmiste inimestega: Rando, Kevin Hallop, Danil, Mairo ja Märt Oona.

10.08.2013 Pärnus Augustiunetuse ürituse raames esinemine ja workshop. Sinna tulid kaasa samad inimesed + tädipoeg Jannu. Esinemine ei tulnud just kõige paremini välja. Peab ikka tõdema, et improvisatsioon sobib paremini :D. Aga sealt sain küllaga kogemusi, et kuidas järmine kord paremini esineda. Peale esinemist lasime ka teistel proovida ja kui jälle ise liinile sai, siis tegi improt. Esimest korda elus sain improvisatsiooni eest ka raha, nimelt soomlased, kes juhtusid vaatama olid nii vaimustuses ja helded, et andsid lausa kask 5 eurilist. Peale seda võtsin ma enda Gibbon Capi ja läksin publiku käest meelelahutuse eest sente küsima. Lõppkokkuvõttes õnnestus teenida 5 Big Mac eine suurune rahasumma ja publiku raha eest saimegi söönuks. :D Vägagi korda läinud päev.

18.08.2013 Esinemine Sillamäel. Esinemise kava jõudsime valmis Danilliga päev enne üritust. Väike videoklipp sellest :

24.08.2013-27.08.2013 Esinemised Tammsaare pargis, eesmärgiks teenida Austria lennupileti raha, et osa võtta Slackline Worldcup-ist.

Slacklife in Germany

I had one free day in Estonia and on 6.july at 6am I took a plane to Frankfurt. From there at 11.30am plane to Munich. I was picked up by Germany Gibbon staff from airport. At first we went to see the competition area. It was gorgeous, surrounded by Greek pantheons. I meet a lot of new people from Gibbon Family.

Next day was the Munich Worldcup day. I had good feeling because I had  to compete against Jaan Roose. And finally we could speak Estonian in Gibbon Family. The competition was not so good for me because I had hurt my knee in Spokane and it didn’t let me to land my hardest tricks. But finally there was competition between Estonians.
At the same day there was the biggest slackline competition in history.
Carlos vs Jaan was the best competition I have ever seen. Totally new generation.
10.july night we arrived to Outdoor camping area. Before going to sleep  Andy Lewis discussed about that match between Jaan and Carlos. He thought that there should be video analyses after contest.
11.july we checked out the Outdoor competition area and there was One Trick Competition. I didn’t competed because of my knee injure. But Jaan Roose showed his best combos like backflip to backflip to backflip, backflip to back bounce to front flip, back bounce 180 bf feet, dk backflip backbounce and many others.
I walked highline first time in my life. It was 40 m long and 300m high. Here some pictures:
IMAG0639 IMAG0630


The ending of USA slacklife

Sorry for so big pause.
Ocean City, Maryland with its endless beach, every day and night there were events and DewTour was incredible. Slackline on the beach- I love sand! First day in Maryland, Me, Gabriel and Gappai went out at 1am to Promo Slackline. Using city property without licence, we had fun. Second day in Maryland I went running at the beach in the morning and found one good spot for strength training:
Third day, we had free time to practise combos and I think I slack lined for 6hr.  It was usual before competitions.  After training I spent time in pool and relaxed.
 That same night there was fireworks at the beach.  All the streets were full of people, lots of street artists.
Some pictures from DewTour:
2013-06-18-4032013-06-18-402 2013-06-18-399 2013-06-18-398 2013-06-18-397 2013-06-18-396 2013-06-18-395 2013-06-18-3942013-06-19-5122013-06-19-510
Every night something was going on there, ex concert, fireworks, lightshow, street art…
At the end of the DewTour all GibbonFamily ate at very luxurious restaurant, with pool and great music:
Me and Alex Mason had a same plane trip through Las Vegas, we saw all the las Vegas, but only through window. But at least I can say that I have been to Las Vegas and finally we arrived to Spokane.
 For now Spokane World Cup is over, its been one hell of a week. In my first round I landed best combo of Spokane World Cup. Its called buttbounce front flip to feet to front flip to chestbounce. In that competition I injured my knee, so I will take it easy before Munich World Cup and Outdoor Open competitions.
Hopefully you continue to check out my blog, because My Slacklife in Germany is going to be up soon.

Dream Road Trip Across USA

4 Day Roadtrip

First Day-

Mac Book broke down in the morning. so we went to Best buy where we got it and Got NEW ONE :). Before starting trip we raged slackline with costumes. Videos coming up soon. Then me and Duane went to Josh place Golden Colorado. Thats the best place I have ever seen. Surrounded with mountains and rivers.In the air paraclifers, on the river kayakers doing flips, people with tubes swimming in the river. Best mountain bike tracks. REALLY THE PLACE IS LIKE IT IS CALLED – GOLDEN. Pictures are at the end of this notes.

So with took Josh to the car and started to move.

At the end of first day we got to a really good hotel. Before going to bed, we had bug killing session. I got skilling spree like 15 but Josh like 35. So yeah after this all white walls were turned to black. GOOD NIGHT.


2013-06-15-3182013-06-15-315 2013-06-15-317 2013-06-15-308 copy2013-06-15-303 2013-06-15-304 2013-06-15-305 2013-06-15-307


Second Day-

In the morning I did some slackline training at 8am to 9am. Tried out some new little combos with my favourite element back bounce like – back bounce to line to backflip and back bounce to doubledropknee to 540 buttbounce.

Then at 10am we went to IHOP-International house of pancakes- the best place ever for breakfast – got some pancakes with vanilla and bananas and vanilla coffee.

Morning vanillia Pancakes morning

After this we went waterlining tricklining- Best road trip ever, because we have so many breaks and I can train slackline for competitions. I landed new trick called Baximus, firstly done by Andy Lewis. Video at the end.

More coming up soon…